Why HSBC chose to town to open a bank
Shandong economic University, Director of the financial Research Institute, Herald commentator Chen said, village bank HSBC Happy Valley layout is not accidental. HSBC is competitive, to a few opponents of the rural markets, would be more at home. China is a large agricultural country, in recent years the country has issued a number of policies to promote the construction of new countryside and rural economic development, has become an overlooked market in rural areas. Rongcheng
    the foregoing financial Office staff also said that HSBC are among the local rongcheng "farm business" (rongcheng city, the restructuring of the rural credit cooperatives), the second has an independent legal personality of the Bank, and more convenient than other bank loans. Especially unsecured loans will attract a lot of farmers.
    Chen said that rural under the background of industrialization of agricultural production scale, funds are in great demand, and companies facing financing difficulties. Now SMEs as can't get credit from banks, private lending is very active, lending a monthly 3%, 36% per annum, much higher than the interest rates on commercial bank loans. Village Bank lending more flexible and convenient, is facing an unprecedented development opportunity. If village banks can solve its small size, dot little, insufficient funding and a range of issues such as settlement, China UnionPay network, you will get a larger space for development.
key features of HSBC rural Bank, doing business is relying on the industry chain, more flexible loans, unsecured lending.
    rongcheng, Shandong HSBC rural Bank Governor Ma Jianqiang said, the clientele is "San Nong" service and products are the "San Nong" and design.
    from a business model perspective, rongcheng, HSBC relies on industrial chains and cooperatives, through the "company + farmers" model of value chain finance, provides loans to local agricultural enterprises and farmers, and through cooperation with the agricultural cooperative organizations, provide loans to farmers for its members.
Bank select rongcheng, fancy is the local rich resources of cooperatives in rural areas. As of early March, rongcheng, a total of fisheries, aquaculture, vegetables, fruits and other types of farmers ' professional cooperatives 231, entrance farmers 42,000 households, farmers in the city account for 19%. The agricultural cooperatives, without exception, are led by the leading enterprises, scattered farmers to organize themselves to form a one-stop supply. Rongcheng HSBC to cooperation with these enterprises, to leading enterprises in long-term relationship with farmers or dealers for security, to provide loans to farmers and dealers. Compared with the banks, in the traditional mortgage business, rongcheng HSBC loan pay more attention to the analysis of the customer's cash flow and repayment capability, which means that agricultural enterprises and farmers to mortgage-free, solved the bottleneck of loans due to lack of collateral.

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