Corporate and personal unsecured loan 3 different ways
Depending on the object of mortgage loan is different, with the rapid economic development, more and more small and medium businesses and individuals need to invest a lot of money in order to meet the needs of development, loan products and increasingly diversified financial mechanism reforms, face a variety of loan products, individuals and small and medium enterprise how to select a loan product? In General, including unsecured personal loans and unsecured business loans unsecured loan type, the same point is the absence of mortgage credit. But where is the difference?
[] loan view is a broad subject, it can meet the conditions of banks loans personal loan business loans: unsecured loans business, General provisions on loans and unsecured personal loans. General loan conditions, including individual work and a steady income, personal credit history, loan purpose. Because of the unsecured unsecured personal loans and business loans is not the same, so at the time the loan mandate must be clear of the main loan.
different lending policies (1) loans: unsecured personal loans on the market: personal loans beginning for 2000, the maximum loan amount not exceeding 5-8 average monthly wages. For example, the borrower's monthly income was 2000, then the corresponding amount of the unsecured personal loan 16000, not more than 100,000 yuan.
unsecured business loans: generally speaking, enterprises can be docked with the Bank directly, and microcredit, small and medium business market potential needs to be more. For micro-, small and medium enterprises, the starting point for unsecured loans of 30,000 yuan and not more than 500,000 yuan. So don't mortgage loan companies can be 3-50 of unsecured loans. From unsecured loans with a quota limit of enterprises, small and medium enterprises can only meet the interim funding gap.
(2) from the perspective of loan: unsecured personal loans, loan conditions: from the point of view of personal unsecured loan to meet three requirements: first, the steady jobs and income. Because of the unsecured personal loans without collateral, borrower's income is the main source of repayment, which not only have stable jobs, while also meeting good repayment ability, the loan amount. Many Bank borrowers is the personal loan business careers, industries require more stringent distinction, as some banks require borrowers to civil servants, employees of Fortune 500 companies in the world. Second, personal credit history. If the borrower's credit cards and needs to maintain a good credit record, when dozens of time, over time, in General not unsecured personal loans. Third, the decision to use loan lending rates. If you are already married, travel, decoration, reasonable consumer demand, General Bank "released", and investments, working capital, banks tend to take more stringent checks.
Bank: Bank business continuity must be three years; the billing must be 1.5 million turnover over the past six months or more; third invoice (VAT), two years ' annual reports, monthly report last month, the invoice within 6 months, the personal loan applicants in the past three years a month overdue, Enterprise debt rate should not exceed 60%-70%.
(3): personal unsecured loan: unsecured personal loans based on the borrower's repayment of the loan amount, Bank borrowers ' monthly payments. For example, the borrower without collateral loans of 50,000 yuan, and cases of repayment for a period of 3 years, at different times, different banks or individuals, you should pay the Bank around 2000 Yuan a month, depending on the individual situation.
unsecured business loans: unsecured business loan repayment is a more flexible repayment through a variety of ways, as long as the enterprises within a fixed period to pay off the loan amount and the interest on it. Human policy, this is their liquidity lending institutions.
[] unsecured bank loans to different ways individuals and businesses not mortgage the time is different, because the process of individual and business, then the corresponding loan is different.
personal unsecured loan: personal loan banks or to handle the process, under normal circumstances, individual application formalities are completed, in less than a week, the Bank will loan.
unsecured business likewise, corporate mortgage lenders provided all the materials required to demonstrate if Complete procedures, 1-2 day case of lenders, the loan immediately. More effective corporate loan is an individual.

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