Analysis on loan basis skills
Wedding, buying a House, decorating, travel ... ... Consumer demand too much in life, lack of money into a pain in the hearts of many people. With the changes of consumption ideas, through loan funds have gradually been accepted by everyone.
However, loans appears to be simple, there are many skills. Loans must have the following three basic skills. Reasonable selection of loan amount and duration depends on the size of the loan amount according to the individual's needs.
on this premise, need to consider economic solvency, avoid each repayment amount is too high, too much pressure. As regards the loan term, loan terms of up to 30, a considerable number of lending institutions for 5-7 years, provides a monthly loan repayments of principal and interest.
so the longer the loan period, monthly payments will be less, but the actual calculation of long term interest payments when the loan repayment. Of course, if the loan period is too short, higher borrower under pressure, according to their ability to repay the loan period may be.
need to pay special attention to is, for points at the rates, borrowers should be avoided. For example, three-year loan and loan for four years, the interest rate gap between the two is not a one-year loan interest rate. Because the current key interest rates for three-year 6.15%, and four-year rate at 6.4%.
If the borrower's loan for a period of four years, is calculated according to the four-year rate, virtually increasing the interest burden of the borrower.
borrowers can compare various loan products on the search term and interest, identifying the most fit.
be sure to timely repayment, in financial penetration more and more of everyday life today, good credit history will make benefit for life.
now, many banks are the personal credit loans but relies on credit without mortgage. This timely, high amount of loans are very popular, but demand for credit is very high.
some banks give credit good credit lines granted to hundreds of thousands of individual customers, in this context when needed, just a simple procedure you can handle. When personal financial difficulties, borrowers, it is better to take the initiative in consultation with banks, apply for an extension of the repayment period is extended or change the method of repayment. Prepayment of reason, every year, many mortgages have prepayment in order to end "House slave" career. Actually this is not optimal select, borrowing people may wish to from following three points measure:
a is borrowing people can will funds for simple investment financial, to investment returns offset loan interest spending; II is borrowing people if has funds needs, not ahead of repayment can emergency; three is for ahead of repayment, most Bank provides need ahead of application and requirements at least repayment one years Hou only can, in ahead of repayment Shi General will requirements borrowing people paid a pen penalty.

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